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 It is fact that Carlyle Environmental Investment Group, LLC is well-known for our Demolition Services in Colorado and Wyoming. Our complete management of your demo project is something we pride ourselves on, with many years and even more projects under our belt. We have the right equipment and the proper training to take on large commercial demolition projects as well as the interior asset recovery deconstruction jobs. There is no project too big or too small! 

The Demolition Process

Approvals and Permits in Colorado & Wyoming

All demolition projects require some type of permit before commencement. It is up to the Certified Demolition Contractor to keep up to date with all local, state, and federal regulations and guidelines. There are many specifications that we will need to take into account in order to determine how a demolition project will proceed.

  1.  Forestry, Landmark, and State Approvals are needed. Forestry will visit and determine what is under protection. Landmark needs pictures & address to determine if property is a landmark. For state, an application must be submitted to the CDPHE to ensure demolition projects comply with air pollution laws regulating asbestos and materials containing it.
  2.  Approvals from the local water dept. and Wastewater Dept. must be obtained along with Public Works Dept. approval. Also, notice must be given to any neighboring property owners and proof must be submitted during the city application process.
  3.  A pre-inspection is needed from the CPD Building Inspections.
  4.  A building permit from the Development Services Permit Counter must be picked up after fees are paid.
  5.  After we perform demolition, a final inspection must be requested from Building Inspections.
  6.  Once the final inspection is complete, a copy of the building permit can be acquired from the Building Records Building.

Carlyle Investment Group has completed many demolition projects and all our Certified Demolition Contractors are required to keep current with any changes in state, local, and federal regulations. We are all familiar and in compliance with EPA, CDPHE, and OSHA. We also have the required insurance coverages for demolition of both residential and commercial structures.

This is a multi-week process, so don't wait to call us. We are here 7 days/week. Why call anyone else?

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Structural Demolition

Structural building demolition presents many hazards as it is the process of tearing down the entire structure- inside and out. Exterior demo jobs include concrete pads, exterior walls, porches/patios, garages, and driveways.
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Site Clearing/ Excavation

Excavation Contractors are responsible for Complete Site Clearance which includes site preparation, grading, trenching, hauling dirt, landscaping, and many other soil-related tasks. Their purpose is to clear the site, so the real estate is ready for repurposing.
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Interior Demolition

Non-structural demolition involves tearing down interior walls, windows, or other internal elements of a building that are not part of the structure, like non-load-bearing-walls, cabinetry, flooring, and the removal of appliances.
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Commercial Demolition

Commercial demo jobs require bigger machinery and present bigger dangers. A risk assessment, which analyses the demolition process, is needed first. Then, a professional demolitions team will need to check for hazardous materials, asbestos and more.


Also known as Asset Recovery; Deconstruction is a green alternative to traditional demolition. It is the opposite process of construction, from the roof to the foundation, in order to salvage all reusable materials from the structure.
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Risk Removal

Our Risk Removal process includes the initial site assessment, reviewing of the blueprints, containment of all hazardous materials, to the removal of the last piece of debris. We will manage the entire project and follow all FEMA, OSHA, EPA, state & local rules & regulations to ensure the site can be repurposed in the future.

Demolition vs. Deconstruction

Deconstruction becomes more and more popular as the world begins to realize our environment can not take care of itself. We have learned that we must Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle. During the site demolition of an Asset Recovery Project, the building is taken apart carefully piece by piece to keep the reusable materials intact. These elements are then organized, logged, and then either sold or donated.

The property owner usually gets a big kick back in taxes for donating these items. Many times, the money that is made can be used to pay the demolition contractors that did the deconstruction- a Win/Win situation. Also, there is less waste going to the landfills which lowers expenses and is better for the environment- another Win/Win. We are here to answer any questions you  might have on how you can save money during your demolition project. Call today!


Remediation includes inspection, testing, abatement, removal (sometimes demolition), restoration, along with a future plan of prevention. We are licensed & Certified Remediation Contractors.


Site Restoration

Site restoration involves the process of returning a property or area to a state that is safe for human use and the environment after it has been damaged or contaminated. This can include activities such as debris removal, soil and groundwater remediation, and reconstruction of structures or landscapes.


Our investment group procures contaminated property in order to restore the site and its landscape to its previous state. We will ensure a safe environment and the property is once again suitable for healthy living.

More Carlyle Environmental Services

Mold remediation services involve the identification, containment, removal, and prevention of mold growth in indoor environments.

We are certified in Asbestos Abatement with CDPHE.

Meth remediation is the process of removing hazardous chemicals and residue left behind after the production or use of meth in a property.

Lead Paint Removal

We eliminate lead-based paint from surfaces to prevent lead poisoning and ensure a safe environment.

Our Investment Group is always looking for Real Estate in need of remediation.

Hazardous Waste Removal

All our employees are HAZWOPPER trained in handling all HAZMAT.

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