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We offer Lead Removal services in Fort Collins, Northern Colorado and neighboring states. Lead-based paint dangers are intended to be permanently removed through lead abatement projects. In reaction to a lead-poisoned kid or for other reasons, a state or municipal government may order them, or they may be carried out freely at any time. Reach out to us with any lead abatement questions.

Lead in Our Air and Water

Used in many materials and products, lead is a heavy metal that is dangerous to human health. If your house was built in the 1950's, chances are high that lead paint is present. It was used on windows, doors, floors, porches, stairways, and cabinets. It wasn't until 1978 that lead-based paint was banned for residential houses. Lead is also found in gasoline, water pipes, solder, pottery, and many other products. As a result, you may have lead in the dust, paint, or soil in and around your home, or in your drinking water or food.

What to Look For

The mere presence of lead-based paint in a home is not a hazard, as about 40% of all U.S. housing contains some leaded paint. What you want to look out for is chipping, peeling, or worn down areas of paint that produce lead paint chips and dust. Over 20 million housing units have significant lead-based paint hazards including deteriorating paint and lead-contaminated house dust. Also, common renovation activities (like sanding, cutting, replacing windows, and more) create hazardous lead dust.

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Who is at Risk

Children are at the highest risk because they tend to put their mouth on everything from window sills to their crib painted with lead-based paint. The lead is absorbed into their growing bodies and can cause serious developmental issues, especially in children under the age of six. At very low levels of exposure in children, lead causes reduced IQ and attention span, hyperactivity, impaired growth, reading and learning disabilities, hearing loss, insomnia, and a range of other health, intellectual, and behavioral problems.

Since lead hazards are more prevalent in older and substandard housing, lead poisoning is more common among poor children and children of color. Those who work in construction, demolition, painting, with batteries, or in radiator repair shops are also exposed to lead.

Government Guidelines regarding Lead

Because of the many serious effects of lead poisoning, Federal agencies such as EPA and HUD have developed and implemented some measures to try to protect children and adults. For example, property owners of pre-1978 units must disclose any known hazards and provide a pamphlet to prospective tenants or buyers about lead. EPA’s Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule requires contractors and workers who work in older homes and child-occupied facilities to take simple, low-cost precautions to avoid creating and spreading lead debris and dust. EPA’s Lead-Based Paint Activities Certification and Accreditation Program oversees the development of capacity to perform lead-based paint inspections, risk assessments, and abatement.

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Recommendations for Lead Safety

EPA recommends that you hire a certified inspector or risk assessor to test for lead. Only an EPA-certified renovator or abatement specialist should attempt to remove lead-based paint.

Keep children and pregnant women away from any renovation areas. Use only EPA certified contractors for any renovation, repair, or painting project.

We advise you have your water tested for lead. EPA estimates that drinking water accounts for 10% to 20% of human exposure to lead.

Have your soil tested for lead. Vegetables growing in your garden may be lead contaminated from the soil.

Keep in mind, children who have been exposed might not show symptoms so we recommend talking with their doctor about a possible blood lead test. Meanwhile, keep areas where children play as dust-free and clean as possible. Have children play in sand and grassy areas instead of dirt.

Who to Call for Lead Abatement

Carlyle Environmental Group is EPA certified in Lead Abatement Activities and can perform a simple lead paint inspection of your home, or a detailed Lead Hazards Risk Assessment. A risk assessment conducted by a qualified professional like Carlyle Environmental will tell you if there are any sources of serious lead exposure and also advise on what actions to take. Abatement actions can include one of four methods: Encapsulation, Paint Removal, Replacement, or Enclosure. Our Lead Abatement Team is HAZWOPPER trained so safety is first. Take a look at some of our lead paint removal jobs in the Historic District of Colorado.

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