Meth Lab Cleanup

methamphetamine contamination

Research shows that meth residue can cause health problems even after the meth lab has been removed from your property. This is because traces of the drug are still present, even if you can’t see or smell them. As with any other type of contamination, these traces can be harmful to you and your family if you touch them, breathe them in, or ingest them in your food and water sources. After reporting the meth lab to the proper authorities, you will need an experienced, certified remediation company like Carlyle Environmental Investment Group to explain the process and professionally remove the meth residue to ensure the safety of your family and yourself. Meth Lab Cleanup is our specialty service.

What is methamphetamine?

Methamphetamine is a stimulant that is made in illegal meth labs. It can be smoked, snorted, or injected and abusers report feelings of euphoria, increased alertness, and decreased appetite. Meth lab residue can contaminate the property where it was made and lead to serious health risks for anyone who comes into contact with it. It can also lead to increased risk of fire and explosions in the home.

What if someone smokes meth in my apartment building?

It is possible for methamphetamine smoke or chemicals to travel within an apartment building. Even if you don’t live on the same floor as someone who has been smoking meth, there’s still a chance that fumes may enter your apartment from vents, a neighboring apartment, or even through cracks in the wall.

If you know that there is a meth lab in your apartment building or suspect someone is using it, notify your landlord immediately so they can report it to the police or call the best Meth Lab Cleanup company in Colorado- Carlyle Environmental Investment Group.

Meth Lab Cleanup

How do I know if my property has been used as a meth lab?

There are a number of signs that might point to a meth lab on your property. If you see anything from items with large stains or small spots, scratch marks on walls or floors, or damaged electrical wiring due to power surges, a meth lab may have existed on your property. Other indicators are any type of chemical smell coming from an area including odd odors such as rotten eggs, vinegar, ammonia, cat urine, paint thinner, formaldehyde, or acetone. Look for windowsills coated in white residue, or discarded plastic bottles and cups with soapy water inside.

A licensed professional specializing in cleaning up residue from methamphetamine and other chemicals should be used in order to avoid health problems if not handled correctly.

What are the dangers of living in a home with meth contamination?

Living in a home with meth contamination can be dangerous. The chemicals used in the production of methamphetamine are toxic and volatile and easily escape into the air. Plus, there is a risk of being exposed to hazardous materials such as mercury, lead, potassium nitrate, sulfuric acid, acetone, iodine crystals, lithium metal and sodium metal. These chemicals have been linked to serious health problems including central nervous system damage, liver disease, kidney disease, cancer and birth defects. If you suspect that your property has been contaminated by methamphetamine use or manufacture, it is important to contact a trained Meth Lab Cleanup professional for advice on how to remove residue from your property.

Meth Lab Cleanup

How do I clean up meth residue from my property?

Every clandestine methamphetamine lab is different and most require specialized Meth Lab Cleanup care. Cleaning methods will vary based on the materials used in the manufacturing of the drug and the extent of the contamination. Be prepared for an extensive process that could take days or weeks, depending on how much there is to remove.

This is an overview of our process:

– Vacuum the floors and walls with a HEPA vacuum.

– Use a scrub brush to scrub up any crumbs or residue on the floor.

– Wash all surfaces in the home with an EPA-approved solution.

– Apply an adhesive remover to remove any sticky residue on the floor, wall, or furniture.

– The surface may also need to be lightly sanded down afterwards if any stains remain.

It’s always better to err on the side of caution when it comes to methamphetamine lab cleanup. If you’re worried about something suspicious at your property, don’t hesitate to call the authorities; if you learn it was a clandestine meth lab, call a professional like Carlyle Environmental Investment Group who has experience dealing with these circumstances.

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