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Research shows that meth residue can cause health problems even after the meth lab has been removed from your property. This is because traces of the drug are still present, even if you can’t see or smell them. As with any other type of contamination, these traces can be harmful to you and your family if you touch them, breathe them in, or ingest them in your food and water sources. After reporting the meth lab to the proper authorities, you will need an experienced, certified remediation company like Carlyle Environmental Investment Group to explain the process and professionally remove the meth residue to ensure the safety of your family and yourself. Any property known to have been used as a meth lab must be professionally cleaned and devoid of all chemical residue before transferring ownership of real estate.

Contamination Facts

 State health departments require remediation of meth labs before properties are sold. NIOSH methods for meth analysis require wipe sampling, extraction, cleanup, solvent exchange, derivatization, and/or mass spectral analysis using selected ion monitoring.

The Meth Remediation Process

Cleanup and remediation generally occur in two distinct phases. The first phase is the cleanup of gross contaminants. During this phase, law enforcement will secure the premises and confiscate all contaminated apparatus, lab equipment, and chemicals used in the manufacture of the illegal drug. The second phase is the remediation of harder-to-identify residual contamination. This is when the property owner is usually notified, and it is in their hands to hire a cleanup contractor.

Typically, an Environmental Consultant is called in to perform a detailed inspection and any necessary testing of potentially contaminated areas. The Consultant then turns the project over to the Certified Remediation Contractor (that would be us).  We formulate a plan of action to remedy the property of meth contamination according to local, State, and Federal Standards and regulations, and then we begin the process of rehabilitating the building. Our meth contamination cleanup services include cleaning non-porous surfaces with detergent and removing porous materials that cannot be cleaned. Sometimes, demolition is needed to remove larger structural items that are not salvageable. Landscape restoration is another service that C.I.G. offers if soil contamination is found. From start to finish, we are the experts trusted to restore the environment and any real estate to a safe and habitable home.

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Contaminated Site Development


Phase 1 The Consultant

The Code of Colorado Regulations 6 CCR states a Certified Environmental Consultant must oversee the remediation of any seized property once used as a meth lab. The Consultant will perform the initial inspection and determine what areas must be tested. The walls, attic, floor, and any crawl space underneath the flooring are inspected and tested, as well as all counters, rugs, appliances, electronics, and other personal items. An inspection will also dictate if soil remediation is necessary.

Phase 2 The Contractor

Only a Certified Contractor in good standing may conduct decontamination or removal of contaminated materials. This includes proper ventilation, sealing off HVAC units and pipes, cleaning of all non-porous surfaces with detergent, and the removal of items that cannot be cleaned. This may or may not include demolition or interior deconstruction. Finally, after the interior has been restored and the exterior has been landscaped, the contractor is responsible for the proper disposal of all hazardous waste materials

Phase 3 The Property Agent

After the seized property has undergone the last inspection by the Certified Consultant, wherein every surface and item in the home or commercial building is determined safe by local, State, and Federal requirements, the Consultant will submit their report to the governing State and Federal Agencies. In this report, the property must be approved for occupancy and/or sale once again. Colorado and Wyoming require full disclosure by the owner before the sale of any property known to have been used as a clandestine laboratory.

Meth is a stimulant that is made in illegal meth labs. It can be smoked, snorted, or injected and abusers report feelings of euphoria, increased alertness, and decreased appetite. Meth lab residue can contaminate the property where it was made and lead to serious health risks for anyone who comes into contact with it. It can also lead to increased risk of fire and explosions in the home.

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