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We are a Mold Remediation Company in Fort Collins CO offering mold removal services to help remove and keep the problem from spreading. Mold eradication should be your top priority as soon as it begins to infiltrate your home. Mold can spread throughout your home in less than 72 hours, which might have a detrimental impact on your family's health as well as cause property damage.

Hazards of Mold

Mold is a fungus and a part of our natural environment. Mold spores, invisible to the naked eye, cause indoor problems when they land on a damp surface and reproduce. When these mold spores become airborne, they become an indoor air quality problem and can cause health issues in habitants.

Molds produce allergens, irritants, and mycotoxins (potentially toxic substances). Inhaling or touching mold or mold spores can cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. Mold exposure can even irritate the eyes, skin, nose, throat, and lungs of people who are non-allergic.

What causes Water Damage

A flood introduces many hazards. FEMA states that mold begins to grow on a damp surface within 24 to 48 hours. The EPA says that floodwater may overflow the septic system causing drinking water to be contaminated and advises professional testing after a flood. The CDC advises any food with a chance of mold contamination also be disposed of.

Molds gradually destroy the things they grow on. You can prevent damage to your home and furnishings, save money, and avoid potential health problems by controlling moisture and eliminating mold growth. 

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Mold Removal vs. Mold Remediation

 There are different levels of mold contamination and each requires an appropriate mold removal technique. If the mold is in the bathroom, cleanup along with better ventilation might be enough to keep it from reoccurring. Most of the time, the owner will take care of this problem.

Dead mold may still cause allergic reactions in some people, so it is not enough to simply kill the mold, it must also be removed. Mold Removal is adequate for some levels of contamination. It is the hidden mold situations that will require Mold Remediation. The source of the moisture must be investigated and eliminated. In extreme cases of damage from mold growth, some homes and businesses may require parts to be Demolished and Re-constructed.

The Remediation Service that we offer does not only remove the ugly stains and smells that mold causes, we identify and fix the root of the problem to avoid regrowth. We follow all environmental regulations including testing the indoor air quality and proper disposal of hazardous materials. 


mold remediation

Where Does Mold Growth Hide?

What are Common Mold Causes and Sources?

Hidden mold has usually been growing long before any stains or smells surface. Know where to look, and what to look out for in order to avoid considerable damages and costs.

Under wallpaper

In the attic



Carpet pads & rugs

In ceiling tiles

Between the walls

Under the sink


Inside ductwork

Excessive moisture in the air


Septic tank clogged

Poor ventilation

Leaky Pipes

Landscape slope toward house

Roof leak

Insufficient Insulation

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Mold remediation services involve the identification, containment, removal, and prevention of mold growth in indoor environments.

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